October 2023 Update

31st October, 2023

October has been a month of Computer Aided Design (CAD).  The intention is to try to model as much as possible before proceeding to far with building to minimise any mistakes or redesign.

I have also been working out all the required drilling for the main beams, so that once the 3D printed ribs and supports are printed these will exactly align with the holes drilled in the ribs.  I have decided to slightly offset the ribs from each other to allow for easy fixing to the beams. Below is the drilling template for the main beams, the holes marked in red indicate holes which are common across both inner and outer beams.


I am going to build a layout rig so that all holes can be accurately drilled in their precise location.  I had considered drilling the holes on my milling machine where I could benefit from the accuracy of the DRO, but at approx. 1.8m long it simply is not possible to accommodate such a large item on the 595 mm x 140 mm bed of my SX2.7 milling machine.

I have also been modelling the final drive components, to verify location and fitment etc.


Where possible I will use precision industrial parts for the drivetrain components, such as spiral bevel gearboxes, inline offset gearbox, and universal joints.

I have also been in touch with my sponsors Stonehill Engineering who are part of the same group as Bespoke Composite Panels who CNC machined the main beams.  Stonehill have agreed to manufacture the wheels on their CNC machinery as these are too big for me to comfortably machine on my own hobby lathe.  The wheels are to be a split-rim design, which will allow for easier fitment of the tyres.

It is a short update for October, I feel like I have not made that much progress but in fact I have probably spent close to 80 hours on Fusion 360, mostly learning as I design as I am by no means a Fusion 360 design expert.

Hopefully, I will make a start on construction of the chassis during November.

Next Update: November 2023